A dhampir who James and Storm recruited in a bar in Arcion


Storm and Jmaes found Aria hiding in the shadows of the bar in Arcion. While he did, at first, seem scared by Storm, he was invited to join the party for their first ant kill quest. Since then he has been with the party throughout the campaign, from the initial ant kill quest, to The Ant Battle of Arcion, to the rescue of Fae and Marvin, Fae’s escort to Melromarc, Storm’s slaughter of the slavers, etc.

Aria is a dhampir with a wife and 3 children back in his homeland of Bursa. He was sent out to improve the world’s opinion of Bursa, in an attempt to increase trade with the country. He seems generally laid back, if a bit antisocial, but has been shown to have a darker side when his family is involved (namely, kidnap his wife and daughter and he’ll blow your head off with a magical playing card).


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