Triforce Adventure

Adventurer's Log

-Day 1

6pm: Storm and James enter tavern in city of Arcion
Storm follows a prum pickpocket around muttering “thief”… nothing else. Just “thief”
Prum tries to leave, Storm pulls out a spear and almost starts a barfight, James defuses the situation
Prum steals 20gp from Storm, agrees to team up with James and gives him 10gp and reveals her name “Nerphonia”
James and Storm approach a Dhampir, after a brief conversation he agrees to join them and gives his name “Aria” (and seems slightly scared of Storm)
Storm notices 20gp missing while paying for his drink. He must of dropped it.
James finishes his drink and rents a room for the night
Storm drinks 5 bottles of ale, he blacks out

-Day 2

9am: James wakes up and searches for Storm
Finds Storm unconsious in a back alley, covered in grime, with glass shards in his hair
Storm Freshens up and they leave to find their allies
12pm: James and Storm leave with Aria and Nerphonia to exterminate some giant ants
~12pm: Group arrive at a field filled with some giant ants
Storm charges into group of worker ants, battle ensues
Group kills 3 worker ants, 1 escapes, antennae and eyes are harvested
4 soldier ants arrive, promptly defeated
After ants’ antennae and eyes have been harvested, huge swarm of ants arrives
Group runs, Storm helps Aria and Nerphonia get away
1pm: Group returns to Arcion, collects reward of 120gp from ants and divide up equally, and warns an adventurer about ants
Storm falls unconscious in guild hall
James returns to room, Aria and Nerphonia leave
11pm: James wakes up, Nerphonia give James a share of the ant-eye profits
James finds Storm stored in guild broom closet
Storm, James and Nerphonia search for Aria
James and Nerphonia find mysterious magic circles around Arcion

-Day 3

12am: Storm found Aria
1am: Storm and Aria met up with James and Nerphonia
Nerphonia tried to get some sleep
Storm kicked Nerphonia while she was trying to get to sleep
James wasted a spell slot healing Nerphonia
6am: Mysterious man gives group food before upcoming battle
7am: Huge horde of ants attack town
Nerphonia knocked unconscious
Aria knocked unconscious
Ants nearly drag Aria and Nerphonia away, Storm and James stop them via James incinerating the remaining ants
8am: Ant battle ends
James discovers the adventurer he informed of the ant attack has been taken, in addition to the small girl in the “shifty party”
James and Storm bring Nerphonia and Aria to James’ room for all of them to recover
5pm: Aria tells the party of his past life in Bursa, Nerphonia reveals she doesn’t usually trust adventurers
6pm: At the bar, Nerphonia lays out a plan for the party to eliminate the ants and rescue the captives
The Shifty party (revealing themselves as Barry and Nephra) overhear the plan and ask to join, Storm and James accept
Everyone parts ways and agrees to meet at the North gate at 10pm
10pm: The party meets up and heads towards the ants’ nest
11pm: The party arrives at a concealed spot near the anthill and camps there for the night

-Day 4

7am: The party is awoken by strong vibrations surging through the ground, the colony of ants leaves to attack the city
10 Minutes later, the party enters the anthill
Nerphonia flawlessly guides the party to the central chamber
The party finds the central chamber containing The Shifty party’s lost member and the adventurer taken by the ants, but a queen ant and several workers are in the chamber
Barry attempts to free the captives from their iron shackles, while the rest of the party does battle
Storm effortlessly takes down the worker ants, but the queen ant proves a challenge
Nerphonia is grabbed by the queen ant
Storm throws a spear at the ant to free Nerphonia, but misses and strikes Barry in the head
Nerphonia is swallowed by the queen ant
The party tries to free Nerphonia, who is eventually spewed from the queen ant while trying to bite Nephra
Nerphonia attempts to help kill the queen ant, but in her wounded and traumatised state, hits Barry with a crossbow bolt, knocking him unconscious
Nephra slashes at the queen ant, reducing it to dust with a fierce strike
Barry, the shifty party member and the adventurer are recovered and the party leaves the anthill
8am: The shifty party member, now revealed to be called “Fae” wakes up
Some ants return to the anthill, but leave in a crazed state due to the absence of a queen
9am: The adventurer wakes up, and the party return to Arcion
9:30am: The party explain what happened to the officials at Arcion, and spend the rest of the day helping to rebuild the town with their party; they are rewarded generously
6pm: Fae requests that the party help her return to Melromarc, as she believes she may know what caused the incident with the ants, and she is in some way connected – the party agrees to help
The adventurer, now found to be called “Marvin”, agrees to join the party and travel to Melromarc

-Day 5

7am: The party meets along with Barry, Nephra, Fae and Marvin by the south gates and leave to find a ship to take them to Melromarc
8am: They cannot find a ship which will take them, when the mysterious man who provided the party with food appears, giving the name “Sehrem” (which the party quickly realise is an obvious anagram for “Hermes”)
“Sehrem” offers to provide the party with a means of reaching Melromarc – Storm initially doesn’t trust him, but after some divine warnings spoken to James, he is convinced to accept the help
After arriving at the ship they are told there is a hefty transport fee, but Fae shows something to the captain and he immediately waves the fee

-Days 6 to 11

The party enjoys the break on the ship – Storm plays card games with Marvin, Barry and Aria, as well as talking with Nerphonia and getting to know her more, while James works with Fae on decoding the magic circle

-Day 12

1pm: Storm is going about his usual daily routine when he hears a sea shanty, “yar har fiddle de dee, do what you want ’cause a pirate is free…”
Storm informs the captain, who initially is skeptic but soon hears the voices himself, and orders the crew to battle stations
1:30pm: After an attempt at escape by the captain, a chain shot from the pirates downs the mast, disabling the ship
The pirates start to board and a high-casualty battle between the crew & party and the pirates ensues
The pirate captain boards the ship and almost defeats the party, but is ultimately brought down
2pm: James realises a hurricane is inbound, and so the captain & crew quickly try to repair the mast while the party boards to loot the pirate ship
Aria searches the crew quarters and finds some loose coin
Nerphonia sacks the armory for weapons which can be used or sold
Marvin carrys as much rum as possible on board
James and Storm search the captain’s cabin, with James taking some coin, a map of the world, and some navigational equipment; Storm finds a Cutlass with a gold-diamond filament handle, he also takes a large painting of the pirate ship and discovers a mysterious map hidden in the frame
2:30pm: Everyone gets back aboard the ship and they flee the hurricane (successfully)
It is discovered that food reserves are low
3pm: The pirates wake up, Storm questions them and finds out they were told there was valuable cargo on this ship by “a man with regal armour, a handome face, and a holier-than-thou demeanour”, in exchange, he promises their safety
After some debate it is decided the ship will head to Bursa, Aria’s homeland, in order to restock on food and supplies.
4pm: Storm, Nerphonia and Marvin celebrate their victory with some of Marvin’s looted rum, and Storm gives Marvin the Cutlass he found

-Day 13

11am: The ship arrives at a port town in Bursa, the crew is free on shore leave as the town’s lamia and dhampir do repair work
Storm finds a weapons shop, he doesn’t buy anything but Marvin asks to have his cutlass improved. Storm advises him against handing a highly valuable sword to a total stranger in a foreign land, so Marvin instead asks for his sword to be improved
Storm finds an armour shop and orders some chainmail, he is informed it will cost 110gp and to come back in a few days for his order
1pm: The party (Storm, James, Aria, Nerphonia and Marvin) agree to go and meet Aria’s family
3pm: The party are attacked by feral alruane
The party makes short work of the alruane, but Marvin is knocked unconscious
6pm: The party arrives at Aria’s home and meets his wife Seretha, and his daughters Savin, Sysis and Sitrese
They are allowed to stay the night

-Day 14

10am: Aria takes Storm and Nerphoia on a walk through the forest with him and Sitrese to see the country’s natural beauty
On their walk, they encounter a group of dhampir kicking a slime – Storm scares them off and approaches the slime peacefully, but after eating some of Strom’s rations it runs away;
Aria notes how idiotic those dhampir were, both as dhampir were once treated like that yet they seem to not realise the implications of their actions, and because slime’s have been known to be very dangerous and, when enraged, wipe out whole villages overnight
~10am: Bandits arive at Aria’s home while he, Storm, Nerphonia and Sitrese are out
James and Marvin badly wound the bandits, and Seretha coils around one of them in an attempt to subdue him
The bandits call for help, but one accidentally stabs the other, and James uses the chaotic situation to convince the new bandit to flee
Another bandit enters, but he looks different, stronger – he quickly stabs Seretha through the chest and she yells in pain; she appears alive, but badly wounded and unconscious
Storm hears Seretha’s scream and starts rushing back to the house
The bandit, revealing himself the leader, has his underlings capture Seretha and Sysis, whilst knocking Marvin unconscious and putting a sword to his throat
James subtly revives Marvin through healing words, but indicates for him to stay down
James appears to cower before the bandit, praying that they spare him, the leader grins smugly at this and mocks James, letting his guard down
James blasts the leader with a powerful sacred flame, while Marvin leaps up and slashes the bandit across the chest
The bandit leader, clearly badly hurt, knocks Marvin unconscious once more before retreating
As Storm arrives at the house, James rushes to the door, as the bandits have loaded the lamia onto their cart, and the leader jumps on
As Storm chases after the cart, the bandit captain throws his poisoned friend in Storm’s way, but Storm effortlessly catches the bandit and leaves him safely on the floor
Storm stabs one of the horses pulling the cart, causing the horses to fall and the cart to flip over, launching everyone forward
The captain grabs the two lamia and says “Screw you” to Storm as he disappears in a bright light. The last bandit is upset about this
Storm catches the cart and grabs the last bandit, intimidating him to tell Storm where the captain went. After his first attempt fails, he, Aria and Nerphonia badly hurt the bandit, and then ask again
The bandit reveals that teleport crystal was for emergency’s, and he could be anywhere in a 3km radius
After returning to James and stabilising the bandits, the group decides to head to the local village to begin their search
11am: As the group arrives in the village, an injured dhampir walks into town, saying he had his horse, cart and wares stolen by a bandit with 2 unconscious lamia
The village sends the party off on a cart, with Aria leaving his children with a friend and information from the captured bandit of the captain’s most likely destination
5pm: The party leave the main road and head through the forest to the hidden bandit docks, following their captive
9pm: Eventually the party arrive at a large cave, concealed but open to the sea. After tying their captives, Johnathan and Matthew, to a tree, they kill the lookouts and head inside
Storm charges into the cave, trampling a bandit in his path, before facing the bandit captain
After intimidating his henchman into backing down, Storm faces the captain in battle
After Storm curbstomps the bandit and drives his spear into the captain’s heart, the captain smiles smugly and weakly says “screw you” to Storm as he dies
With their captain dead the other bandits flee for their lives. Storm hunts them down for sport, leaving one alive to direct them to Aria’s family
Entering the ship Storm finds bandits playing card games; their guide urges them to give up, but Storm throws a spear through one of the players, instantly killing them.
One bandit tries to fight back, while the others beg for their lives. Storm kills the first, then approaches the others. As he does, one attacks, and is promplty killed, while the other continues to beg.
Storm cuts off the bandits’ hand and throws him into the ocean, a trail of blood slowly forms in the waves, but Storm cannot see the bandit
Their guide leads them to Aria’s wife, imprisoned and in chains. After freeing her, they ask about Aria’s daughter, but the bandit does not know of her location. Apparently the captain sold her, but to whom he knows not.
Aria, now wearing a gaze of pure, cold hatred, places a card on the bandits’ face which bursts into flames; the bandit’s head explodes
Storm finds 50gp and 1Ep on the bandit captain
~9pm: After exiting the cave, the party finds the slime from earlier digesting Jonathan and Matthew, Storm encourages the slime to stop and James ressuscitates Matthew
Jonathan says that the girl was most likely sold in the port-town
10pm: Aria leaves with Seretha back to his village

-Day 15

1am: The party minus Aria head to the port town, waiting an hour out of the village with Nerphonia gathering information
9am: Nerphonia returns with the information that a slave was given to a ship headed for Melromarc and there were many magic circles around the town, identical to those in Arcion
10am: The party returns to the port-town
Marvin pays for his improved sword and Storm buys his pre-ordered chain shirt
6pm: Aria returns and the new information is given, the ship is repaired and so everyone boards, headed to Melromarc
7pm: After the crew, the pirates, the bandits and the supplies are loaded, the party reconvene with the shifty party
Aria informs them of what happened and they swear to help in any way they can
Everyone boards the ship and they set sail for Melromarc, with an ETA of about 3 weeks

-Days 16 to 24

Storm Practices throwing his spears, talking & drinking with Nerphonia and Marvin in his spare time
James works with Fae to decode the magic circle

-Day 25

4pm: All is calm, when suddenly, a quite explosion is heard underwater
A redshirt approaches the side of the boat before suddenly being pulled underwater, Storm tries to save him but realises he’s too late
Suddenly, aquatic demons jump onto the boat
The underside hull is breached, and the captain sends the party to take care of it
On their way to the bottom of the ship, the party passes by the prisoners, who offer their help if released, but Storm refuses
On the bottom deck of the ship the party finds a large hole in the ship made by 5 demons
The party kills the demons, however Aria is knocked unconscious and Storm & Nerphonia are hurt
James heals the party to full
To patch the ship, Aria gives Storm a playing cards with instructions to place it in the hole
Storm perfectly places the card in the whole, where the card starts to freeze, eventually freezing the water and patching the hull
The party returns to the top deck
~4pm: The party return to find the majority of the crew killed, with only the captain, the shifty party, and 5 crew members surviving
In order to get the ship to Melromarc, the pirates, Matthew and Jonathan are released, with a promise of work on the ship or in Melromarc
The pirates agree, desiring later work on the ship
Matthew and Jonathan agree, desiring guardwork in Melromarc, as promised by Marvin

-Days 26 to 38

Storm continues practicing throwing his spears, talking & drinking with Nerphonia and Marvin in his spare time
James continues his research with Fae, who reveals to him (in confidence) that she is a lower down noble in a very prestigious royal family; when shown the seal, James recognises it as that of the Sarion, the ruling family of Melromarc

-Day 39

11am: The ship approaches Freedom city, the city dividing Melromarc and the USC
12am: The party meets Sehrme, inform him of their plans and he leaves
Storm says goodbye to the captain and the pirates, the party, the shifty party, Jonathan and Matthew leave for the transport Depot
People buy scarves
Storm pays 2 EP for transport to Silvert, Marvin’s hometown
6pm: Marvin goes to meet his family, leaving everyone else to explore the town
Nerphonia is creeped out by a creepy guy; she stabs & robs him and his cronies
Jmaes pre-orders a mace from the local weaponsmith and puts 10gp down as a deposit
7pm: The party go to meet Marvin’s family, who turn out to be local nobles who live in a large manor house
It is revealed Fae is a member of royalty, 3rd daughter of the Queen of Melromarc and, if rumours are to be believed, favourite for the throne
The creepy guy from earlier returns and is revealed to be Marvin’s (adopted) brother Guy
After a heated argument, Guy is disowned by his father and Marvin is made his new heir
8pm: The party go to bed, except Marvin, who spends the night organising the logistics of his being his father’s new heir

-Day 40

9am: The party set out for Raphion, Marvin seems very tired and slightly off
2pm: The party are attacked by bandits
7pm: The party arrive in Raphion
8pm: Fae, Nephra and Barry stay at a local in for the night
Storm finds information about slavery
The party enter a church and buy some purification water
Once the priest reveals he has a slave, Storm knocks him out
The party pretend someone attacked the priest as a guard comes in, he believes them
The party run down a labrynth of back alleys to try and escape
9pm: Storm tries to kick down a wall, it doesn’t go well
The party enter a slavers’ tent, requesting to buy some purification water
Storm takes the slavers’ hat and starts to strangle him, the slaver snaps his fingers and the cages to the slaves open, who all leap out to attack
The party fight back the (apolagetic) slaves as Storm strangles the slaver
Aria, Nerphonia and Marvin are knocked out, Storm drops the slaver and crushes his skull
Storm pours purification water over all the slaves, freeing them from their seal
Most of the slaves flee to try and escape Melromarc
Storm and James find a secure door, which they unlock with the slavers’ keys and James’ magical expertise
Storm and James find a bound flugel behind the door
Storm tries to break the flugel’s chains and is knocked out
Jmaes stabilises Storm and breaks the flugel’s restraints
The flugel thanks Jmaes and Storm, informs them she’ll be watching them, and leaves
Storm sends Marvin to buy water and food
Storm starts building beds and a metal wall in the middle of the tent

-Day 41

5am: Jmaes enslaves the priest
6am: Marvin returns with decent food & water
8am: Scouting guards arrive at the tent
Marvin pretends to be the slave trader and meets with them
Marvin has to bribe the guards to ignore the enslaved priest

The party stops the guards from escaping and capture them
Storm and Jmaes continue renovations
1pm: Jmaes questions the priest and ends up enslaving him; the priest says he has demi-human slaves at home who will starve without him
3pm: A family arrives requesting to buy a slave; Marvin tells them there was a recent incident and their stock is depleted, so they should visit another dealer
6pm: The renovations are finished, a steel wall seperates the front and back of the tent, and the slaves all have (reasonable) beds
7pm: Storm questions the guard captain, he soon snaps his neck due to his racism
Jmaes manages to find out from one of the other scouts that a young lamia was brought to the royal castle by a princess of Melromarc
7:30pm: Everyone decides to go to bed for the night

-Day 42

9am: Strom and Jmaes decide to head to the royal palace to investigate Aria’s missing daughter, as well as meet up with Fae & Co. to research the magic circle
Strom leaves a pre-teen kitsune girl in charge who admires Strom
Strom assigns a minotaur demi-human in charge of combat and gives the strongest demi-humans gear
11am: The party arrives at the royal castle and are let in as Princess Fae and Marvin’s guests
12pm: The party finds Fae, Barry and Nephra in the library with information about the magic circle: The text is similar to the ancient language of Züstarian and so the party plan to travel to Züstar to discover more about it
1pm: Marvin and Fae enter the throne room for a meeting with members of nobility and royalty
Barry and Nephra stay in the library
The rest of the party explore the castle (where they can)
Strom spars with a highly-trained tiger guard and wins, the guard commends him
2pm: Strom engages a guard in conversation; the guard notes how idiotic a frontal assault on the throne room during a meeting of nobles as the room would be incredibly heavily guarded
5pm: Fae and Marvin emerge from the throne room – they, along with the party, Nephra, and Barry, convene in Strom’s room where they reveal what they gleaned from the meeting:
Fae’s oldest sister has Aria’s daughter as a personal slave


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