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  • Araria

    *Araria* is the world in which the Triforce Adventure takes place.


    It is comprised of 5 major continents: * [[Hartol]] * [[Hortenheim]] * [[Defraria]] * [[Granala]] * [[The Badlands]] Araria also contains [[ …

  • Hartol

    *Hartol* is a continent of [[Araria]], the homeland of [[humans]] and [[elves]].


    Currently, the continent is divided into 3 countries: * *[[Elfwhine]]*: home to the isolated [[elves]]. * *[[Melromarc]]*: home to …

  • Granala

    *Granala* is the northernmost continent of [[Araria]].


    Granala possesses a cool temperate climate and contains no official countries. While there are no official political boundaries or government, the majority of …

  • Defraria

    *Defraria* is one of the main continents of [[Araria]].


    Defraria contains the most countries of all the continents - numbering 9 in total. These countries are home to a wide range of [[Demi-human]] species. * *[[Avant …

  • Freedom City

    *Freedom City* is a guild-run initiative to improve relations between the countries of [[Hartol]].


    First put forward by the [[USC]], Freedom City gathered attention on a global scale. [[Melromarc]] also agreed to aid …

  • Melromarc

    *Melromarc* is a country in [[Araria]]. It is one of the three major countries on the continent of [[Hartol]]; alongside [[Elfwhine]] and [[USC|the USC]].


    Melromarc is a [[human|human-supremacist]] country, with slavery …

  • Locations

    Locations in the world of *[[Araria]]*.


    * *[[Hartol]]* ________________________________________ *+Countries+* <> +[[Melromarc]]+ +Cities:+ [[Raphion]] - Melromarc's capital [[Silvert]] - Small town ruled by …