Melromarc is a country in Araria. It is one of the three major countries on the continent of Hartol; alongside Elfwhine and the USC.


Melromarc is a human-supremacist country, with slavery of any species other than human and half-elf completely legal and in common use by the population, with slave owners ranging from nobles to commoners.

Melromarc’s view on slavery is believed to be one of the leading factors for the Graecun Insurrection which led to Melromarc’s downfall in the Great War of Separation, costing them large swathes of land.

Melromarc has always been ruled by a royal family following elective gavelkind succession, that is, any child can be elected heir to the throne by the ruler, with other children receiving little (if any) territory and a small influence in internal politics.
After Melromarc’s loss in the great war, the current king was blamed for his foolish actions which lead to Melromarc’s severe loss of power, and ruler-ship has been matrilineal ever since.


  • Capital: Raphion
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